The Power of Control
Bennett Sample Pumps Deliver

tube bundle

:: Polypropylene Air Supply & Exhaust Tubes ::

Choice of Materials for Water Discharge Tube ::

Other Materials Available Upon Request ::

Electric Cord for Water Level Indicator Included ::

Nylon Wire Ties Holding Bundles or PVC Wrap Optional ::

Tube Bundles for Dedicated Units Do Not Include Electrical Cord for Water Level Indicator ::

:: Customized Length for Portable & Dedicated Systems ::

:: All Fittings Installed before Shipment ::

:: Easy Installation ::

:: Stainless Steel Cable Core ::

Air operated submersible piston pump provides infinitely variable flow rate, for use in dedicated systems or equiped as portable unit. Reels, accessories, and tube bundles available.Bennett Sample Pumps, Inc. is located in Amarillo, Texas. We are the sole source for manufacture, sales, and service of the Bennett Sample Pump.

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