The Reel

  • Carbon Steel and Industrial Laquer Construction
  • Fold Up Guide Roller Head
  • Measuring Wheel and Counter
  • Rotary Swivel in Axle for Air and Water Transfer
  • Instrument Console Operates Pump
  • Manual Drive Reels
  • Electric Power Drive Reels
  • Tubing Bundle Reels offer portable operation of Bennett Sample Pumps.

The Reel Specifications

Manual Drive Reels have a sprocket and chain drive system with a hand brake and lock system. Electric Power Drive models have a sprocket and chain drive system coupled to a right angle speed reducer with an electric brake placed between the speed reducer and the electric drive motor. All reels have a fold-up guide roller head with measuring wheel and counter; rotary swivel on the axle for air and water transfer, with electrical slip rings for operating the water level indicator; instrument console contains the water level indicator, alarm and switch, pump flow meter and air pressure regulator for operating the pump. The reels are constructed of carbon steel materials and are painted with an industrial lacquer paint.